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Wren boosts business with new Drake 4×4 Full Widener

Mackay-based Wren Heavy Haulage has taken delivery of a white-hot Drake 4×4 Full Widener with a 50-tonne capacity along with a 2×4 dolly to complement its existing 100-tonne 4×8 Swingwing Drake low loader.

According to Wren Heavy Haulage Managing Director, Brad Wren, the new Drake unit will travel all over Australia delivering equipment for mines, civil construction projects and farms.

Having started his own business two years ago, Wren has extensive history in the heavy haulage industry stretching back to his early years as a diesel mechanic.

“I’ve managed other haulage businesses and driven trucks and floats for many years and people used to ask me ‘why don’t you start your own business?’; so I eventually took their advice and said ‘righto, I will’,” said Wren, adding that support from customers he’d dealt with in the past helped kick-start his new business in the critical early stages.

He started off with a new Kenworth T909 and a three-year-old Drake Swingwing low loader, and earlier this year added a T409 SAR pulling a hired quad float – the latter now replaced by the new 4×4 Full Widener.

The new unit features a 12-metre deck length and three-way container pins which enables the haulage of 40’ containers, adding versatility to the operation.

Another useful feature is the bi-fold ramps which, Wren explained, particularly suits a certain element of the business.

“We carry a fair bit of underground mining machinery which is generally low to the ground,” said Wren. “The extra length of the bi-folds means we don’t have to muck around with timbers and chocks to get the machines loaded without bellying out.”

Wren explained that the new Drake trailer was a stock item that Drake had built that suited his needs, and that the five-month wait for it to be delivered was far preferable to the 12-months he would have needed to wait if he’d ordered a bespoke unit.

While because of this his options were limited, in addition to the bi-fold ramps Wren also specified a diesel power pack – which is a requirement of mine sites – rather than the standard petrol-powered unit.

Additional water tanks – one on the float and two on the dolly were added in the interests of Wren’s requirement of having plenty of water storage when running across Australia.

He also chose the brilliant ‘Ice White’ Kenworth colour with purple pinstripes and scrollwork which make the trailer a fitting accompaniment to the stunning purple T409 SAR that tows it.

Other features include York drum brake axles and chrome rims fitted with Michelin tyres, along with hydraulic suspension with the capability to lift both rear and front axles when travelling empty.

Summing up, Wren said when it comes to heavy haulage, Drake trailers and Kenworth trucks are the only way to go to ensure long and trouble-free life from the equipment.

“It’s Kenworth trucks and Drake trailers for me all the way,” he said.

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