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Since acquiring tow coupling specialist V.Orlandi in early 2018, SAF-Holland has been making a concerted effort to highlight the advantages of the E550/ E551 Pacific 50mm coupling system.

The company says its product is the strongest in the market with a D-Value rating of 330kN yet also the lightest at 42kg. It also features the highest vertical or S-Load rating of 2,500kg.

V.Orlandi tow couplings incorporate a number of features designed to reduce the time taken to couple and uncouple as well as that of replacing various components in the case of damage or wear over a long period of operation. The resultant decreased downtime means the vehicle can spend more time on the road earning money.

One such feature particularly useful in tipper and dog applications enables the trailer to be uncoupled at any drawbar angle up to the 105 degree ‘jack-knife’ position.

The unit is bolted to the vehicle using the ISO standard 160mm x 100mm bolt hole pattern and the mechanism box is completely sealed to mitigate the ingress of dust and moisture which can cause the ‘concrete’ effect, hindering pin release. The encapsulated locking mechanism also makes the replacement of the pin an effortless five-minute job, as there are no loose components.

The pin itself undergoes full-length extended heat treatment during manufacture to ensure ultimate strength and wear resistance. The fitness for duty of every pin is verified by a 100% quality control of pins consisting of dimensional, material and magnetic particle inspection.

The opening handle is located in a safe position behind the bellmouth in order to reduce injuries.

According to SAF-Holland National Aftermarket Manager, Phil Crosbie, the V.Orlandi E550 and E551 tow couplings have proven their robustness in a variety of applications under harsh Australian conditions.

“It’s a high-quality product made in Italy with among the highest load ratings and lowest weight in the industry,” Phil says. “This is an important factor given that operators are always chasing lighter tare weights in order to maximise payload capacities.

“Now that V.Orlandi is owned by SAF-Holland, Australian customers can be assured of outstanding product support and availability.”
A number of optional features can be added to the products including pin open/ closed red and green light indicator mounted externally and a jack-knife indicator with acoustic warning mounted inside the cab.

There’s also the option of an air-release pin that maximises operating time by reducing the need for manual intervention. This includes an on-box safety indicator that verifies correct pin engagement.

Fast Fact
As the owner of Italian-made V.Orlandi tow couplings, SAF-Holland is keen to convey the message that its products are among the strongest and lightest of their kind in the industry.

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