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Trucks of two different stripes help indicate the application and businesses that come under operational remit for Budd Green. He serves as General Manager for complementary NSW-based companies South Coast Concrete Crushing & Recycling (SCCCR) and JBG. The former has its own quarry; the latter is a civil construction company whose raison d’être is the excavation and removal of spoil. While these businesses do feed each other, the companies independently service other areas. The quarry, located in Nowra, an hour drive south of Wollongong, doesn’t exclusively service JBG civil operations. Up to 50 per cent of its revenue is derived from outside business. The quarry is licenced to receive concrete, and recycled masonry such as brick, tile and asphalt. Quarry pricing is made competitive for all civil companies in the local area who are undertaking their own works. In the interest of appropriate scales of economy other suppliers will be utilised if the civil works projects are not in close proximity to the quarry.

Three new Mercedes-Benz Actros 2658s have been added to the fleet for the removal and transportation of construction materials. JBG is represented in green livery while red denotes association with SCCCR. The remainder of the fleet, which naturally skews to tipper application, is mostly comprised of Japanese medium duty vehicles. Two of the new Actros trucks are replacing vehicles retired from the fleet. The addition of the Mercedes-Benz Actros, according to Budd, represents part of the continued evolution of the business as it adapts to an ever-changing construction and civil works environment.

“There’s always ongoing improvements and adaptations that the business needs to accept and adapt in order to stay viable,” he says. “If you’re not willing to change then your business will be left behind as the world and environment changes. It’s as simple as that. For us the Mercedes is part of that.”

Along with the 580 horsepower and improved fuel economy, the safety package on the Actros features Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS), Proximity Control, Attention & Lane Assist and an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Lane Departure included as part of Active Brake Assist 4.

Budd took the Actros 2658 for a test drive 18 months ago. Within eight weeks Sloanebuilt had completed the tipper bodies for the combination. It was, by most industry standards, a swift turnaround. QuickSilver lining was used on the trailers to accommodate lower tipping angles while roll stability has been employed to limit sway of the following trailers as the electronically controlled active dampers adjust to suit road conditions by counteracting rollover tendencies of dynamic loads on corners.

“Going around a left-hand bend at speed you get slight braking on the inside wheels of the trailer which prevents tilt on the trailers to reduce risk of rollover,” says Budd. “That’s a particular innovation crucial for the work we do. I also think the in-cab scales and weights that hook up with the trailers are very useful for operations such as ours.”

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