Powerdown Supershock

Shock absorbers that have worn out due to excessive heat build-up inside the unit cause the majority of tyre wear on air suspended Read more

Combi-SC Zero Swing

Gold Coast based Neumann Steel, a manufacturer and supplier of concrete reinforcing steel bars and mesh, has become the first company in Australia Read more

Knorr-Bremse ST7 brake & iTap

Over the past five years, Knorr-Bremse has invested as much as €500 million (AU$726 million) into the expansion, modernisation and maintenance of its Read more

Mesh Wheels and Accessories

John Parisi, Managing Director of Topline Industries, and Wayne Hicks, Division Manager Wheels and Accessories  – both with a combined experience of over Read more

Daysworth Ottawa 6×4

In 2009, Thompson Bros. Transport Thompson started looking at ways to address a fleet congested issue at its home base in Dubbo, New Read more

Alfons Haar’s PRO FIT

It’s funny how some inconspicuous devices can make such as difference, particularly when it comes to a road tanker’s functionality. Described as the Read more

Razor keeping up the pace

As a pioneering force in the field of electronic and automated control systems for semi-trailers and rigid trucks in Australia, Razor International is Read more